Can you live life on own terms?

This is the post excerpt.


Yes you can if are fearless and not care about what the whole humanity thinks about you 🙂

Difficult , not impossible…especially when you know you are right…that’s when you hold your ground when you are pointed fingers at, when you are told to follow prejudiced customs ,however baseless they might be….


Inappropriate Touch

That could happen to anyone i.e is any of the sexes.

when is comes from a stranger, it is easier to manage. We can protest fearlessly.But when its from someone known , that’s when we are confused.

Did it really happen?

Am i overthinking?

What if I am , and i mess up the relation?

What if I keep my mouth shut and this would never happen again?

what if this does happen again?

Will anybody believe me?

What if everybody’s cool with such a touch, and I am just blowing it out of proportion?

What if i do protest and he/she acts nonchalant, as if nothing of that sort ever happened?


The list of what ifs goes on and on…………..

The best and only way to go ahead is to make sure you  let your uncomfortableness known , be whatever the consequences. If not, you are doing yourself a grave injustice and letting yourself taken for granted.

So, power up and speak up. And of course, don’t seek supporters to your claim.

If you don’t like something, make yourself heard!!!

Money Matters!!!

when does money matter?

All the time?

but then why do they say money is just like dirt on your hand?

I have felt the greatest pain of losing money when my purse was stolen…i had wished then -” it would have been so much better if i had spent all the money it had prior to it getting stolen”

Again it feels terrible when someone dupes you with money or when you invest it foolishly.

If that is the case, then why do we save money? For the future of course.

My Uncle once told me whatever money extra exists after your death is extra that you have earned, presents what you sacrificed for other pleasures of life.

so what should be the right philosophy or attitude towards money?
Earn as much as you can through right means, and you are ever duped or lose money out of bad decisions, consider it that you repaid it to someone who had loaned you in previous life.

There’s no point crying out lost money. As long as you can work, you will have money.

And as what goes around,comes around. So does money.

I don’t know if this philosophy towards money is right or not.But, it does give solace to move on in life. And life is all about moving on , from better time to bad ones and from bad ones to better times!!!




The reason that I have to write about her is because I am one of the few who know her in and out. And she is and is being misjudged by all and sundry.

With her, I realise that people are often understood by the side they show to the world and it simply doesn’t matter what lies on the inside, no matter however valuable.

If we hide and don’t express, it is more likely that it will go unnoticed by others forever. For others ( by others I mean public in general) never make an effort to do an unbiased evaluation of a person.

Almost everything is taken on face value.


Thus , why do I know her well. Because she expresses everything in front of me. I know that things that make her cry and those that make her happy.

I have found her cry for things that hardly would move others, quite simply others might just indifferent.


She is my sister and she is in her teens. I tend to see her ordeal through teenage years daily. She puts up a good fight.

She is often alledged in school and outside of showing attitude which I find it difficult to digest. YES, SHE does have an disinterested look on her face which I consider is a phase of teenage.

Maybe this is mistaken as show of attitude.


With her experience I doubt my own judgement of people with attitude in all these years that I have lived by.

Were they really people with attitude or just indifferent to be nice to every passerby.

I never googled the meaning of “attitude” then, I gathered from the general understanding that it means to be so much filled with pride over oneself that not give regard to others.That you act arrogantly and disrespectfully.

Is it really that?

Now when I dug deeper….i realise attitude could be both positive and negative, though the general perception is that of negative.

Doing the things only your way not considering others ideas, wishes .thinking of yourself as above all and being a bit rude is showing attitude.(negative)

Being humble, kind and generous is good attitude.

Nevertheless, a lot depends on perception.

You may ‘Walk like you are the king OR Walk like you don’t care ,who is the king! “

While both may be taken as showing attitude as sign of arrogance.

At the same time, both can be taken as way of being unaffected by others in life.

So, it depend on one’s thinking and what one wants to believe.

Thus, they say it is never possible to make everybody happy. As long as we know we are right and our conscience doesn’t prick, we should be good to go in life.


As far as my sister is concerned, I will let her be and see her evolve in her own way for at heart she is good. I don’t want her to get in the pursuit of making everyone happy and lose herself in the process.

As far as I am concerned, I think I need to careful before I judge anybody as showing attitude. Rather it is better to not judge anyone at all.

Mirror,Mirror on the wall….I missed you dearly until now!

Moving into new home with a mirror-less washroom…no big deal , right?

Perhaps, it isn’t. However, i did feel something missing, something incomplete….as instinctively i would look up after washing face , or while brushing teeth …only to find the empty wall glaring at my face , probably saying ” nothing to reflect back , baby :P”

After two weeks of procrastinating the errand of buying a mirror, i finally went out today to fill the void felt in the washroom….and when was rightfully hanged, the place became alive.

You might feel strange and consider me foolish for having personified the whole fact of installing a small mirror above the wash basin…but the my realization is simple..

The value of simplest of things that we take for granted is realized when it goes missing.

Now when I visit the washroom , somehow i automatically smile perhaps being glad about finding the mirror around…As the days will pass by , i will get used to it and the current effervescence felt will subside.In this case, it won’t matter in the long run since mirror is after all is a “THING”, not  “PEOPLE”.

When we take people for granted, the chance of regretting having neglected them is severe, heartbreaking and sometimes we never get a chance to set things right.

After all, they rightly say-” Use things not people, Treasure people not things”.








Guilty of stains…..Are you, Girls?

Guilty of stains…..
Are you?
Perhaps sometime in your life….
I am talking about those days when you stained the bedsheets, sofa covers, seat covers during periods…when that happened were you filled with pangs of guilt and agony of having done something terrible…of letting the world know that you are having “those” days…of being not careful enough…
If you have experienced such feelings , then it’s fine (infact normal) if you are in India…
Note: I am not even talking about rural India where things are worse, I am here talking about the urban educated women…that’s the irony….
Periods…monthly…..downs , as you may refer to …are the most natural thing that happens to a woman…
In the western world and even in south India, it is celebrated as a sign of womanhood ( it is a message out to the world ” you can reproduce” ,you know)… then why all the hush hush about it when it happens every month to half the world’s population!!!!
The problem is not that men don’t know , the problem is men and women don’t talk about it as normally as it should…just like we don’t talk about sex…
But why?
Is it because it is related to blood??
The wrong notions of pure or impure??
Or is it related to ability to reproduce??
I don’t know the real answers….

But I do know that the solution lies in giving sex education  in schools where  girls and boys are not separated, it lies in the better way of bringing children up where parents indulge in a healthy conversation about it with their kids inspite of their gender, be it girls or boys( the parent shouldn’t think that they need not talk to  his/her son about periods just because it won’t happen to him )  🙂

Probably I want to know what you guys think about it in the contemporary times…
So post in what you think…